Install WhatsApp On iPod Touch and iPad Without Jailbreak [How To]

Whats app is an application for iPhoneAndroid and other mobile platform that lets you to send text message between your friends at free of cost. Whats app cannot be installed on iPod Touch and iPad because its not compatible with it. Now you can easily Install WhatsApp On iPod Touch and iPad without Jailbreaking your device.

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All you need is iPhone Configuration utility and iTunes.

Download iTunes For Windows and Mac

Download iPhone Configuration utility for Windows and Mac

In my case I tried with iTunes 10.5 Beta, iOS 5 and iPod Touch 4th Gen

WhatsApp iPad – Whatsapp iPod Touch – Steps

1. Open your iTunes and looks for the App that is not compactable with your iPod Touch or iPad

2. Install and open the iPhone Configuration utility before that make sure you connected your iPod or iPad to Windows PC or Mac

iPhone Configuration Utility - Home

3. Check on the left panel on iPhone configuration utility.

Click on application, Add file and locate the .ipa file you want to add or simply drag and drop the .ipa file to iPhone configuration utility

You can Locate the .ipa at the following path

For Mac user

/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Application

For Windows user

C:\Users\USER\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications

Note : The paths mentioned above are default ones, if you changed the path them check the .ipa file there.

iPhone Configuration Utility - Application

4. Check for Devices on the left panel on iPhone configuration utility and make sure your iPod or iPad is listed.

Click on your device and go to application. A list of applications will will shown and in our case you can see Install button next to wahts app. Click on it and allow few seconds

Give it some time it will be installed on your deice and you will see the uninstall button next to the app installed.

iPhone Configuration Utility - App Install

iPhone Configuration Utility - App Uninstall

5. Now you can enjoy whatsapp on your iPod Touch or iPad. You can also do the same for other apps to make it force install if its not compatible with your iPod Touch or iPad

Screen Snaps from iPod Touch

whatsapp ipod jailbreak

whatsapp ipad jailbreak

Hope you enjoy whatsapp iPad without jailbreak and also on iPod touch

We noticed that many users got kAMDRecieveMessageError Here is a solution to fix it..

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  1. I have ipod 5.1 and Whatsapp 2.6.9 I successfully got the whatsapp on my ipod but when I punch in my mobile number it says could not connect to whatsapp service please try again later. how did you all fix it?

  2. Tells me doesnt supported device error.

  3. Suresh Mathew says:

    Is it possible to install Whatsapp v2.6.10 on the latest iPod touch? I tried it through the mechanism you’ve posted, but it’s doesn’t seem to work. Even though the application gets installed, it doesn’t open up on the iPod touch. What should be done?

  4. How can I locate it if it is not installed on my ipod? I cannot install it on my ipod since it is a paid application..
    I did install iphone Configuration and I am now blocked on the 3rd step..

  5. Dani_rahim says:

    it says your device is currently not supported

  6. Himanshu Suryavanshi says:

    it works perfectly fine, just install ‘whatspad’ from cydia before doing this, and then install whatsapp from iphone configuraion utility. I use whatsapp daily on my ipod touch 4

  7. I downloaded BBM on my ipod touch using this method and it worked
    very pleased

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