Astrology & Horoscope For iOS And Android Devices

If you are a proud owner of iOS device or any android device you can check your horoscope on the go. Astrology & Horoscope by Kelli Fox makes this simple. In this app you can easily check the horoscope for your Sun sign for current, previous and the upcoming day. You can also check the simple forecast for a week.

You also have lots cool extra features like, you can check the yearly and  monthly report of the Sun sign, Advance astrology includes planet position, chart wheel  and lot more interesting stuffs. You can also generate report using this app, you can select the single person or two person mode, in 2 person astrology comparison you can compare the horoscope of two partners based on the interest like romance.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Flip forward to tomorrow, back to yesterday
  • Set your sign and startup screen preference
  • Available for free for both iOS and Android

Download For iOS

Download For Android

Try this app on your iOS device or any Android device! Do share your views !

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