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When it comes to services and entertainment, there are plenty iPhone apps to choose from. You could spend hours on the app store sifting through apps geared towards social networking, daily deals, picture modification, etc. Gaming apps for the iPhone are just as popular and range from strategy games to sports games. Throw the proverbial rock through the app store and you could hit a dozen puzzle games that all vaguely look like Tetris.

But for all the apps with features similar to one another, there exists apps that resist categorization. Maybe there’s a game that offers you entertainment and enlightenment in ways that elude your other apps, or perhaps there’s that one app that perfectly syncs with your lifestyle. Here are three unique iPhone apps that may pique your interests if you’re looking for different experience on your smartphone.

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The hugely popular PostSecret has released a hugely engrossing app for the iPhone. With it, you can view anonymous secrets shared by people all over the world. Rather than wait for the weekly update from the PostSecret site, you can sift through countless secrets, each of which offers powerful insight to the human condition in the digital age. You can even use the app to creative, customize and post your own secret (anonymously) for the world to see. There’s also a comment feature on the app so you can share your thoughts on a secret that you find to be particularly moving.

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If you’re particularly health-conscious about your eating habits or if you just want to assess your daily diet, check out the MealSnap app. You simply use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your food and MealSnap will give you an estimate on the ingredients involved and the calorie content. The app utilizes special calorie-estimation software to give as close an estimate as possible on the nutritional value of your meal. What’s more, you can use MealSnap to catalog all your meals and track how your calorie intake looks like over time. Use MealSnap’s calorie counter to justify or deny any culinary indulgence!

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Shadow Cities

This one is for the gamers. Shadow Cities is a real-time role playing game, recently hailed as one of the best games out for any system, mobile or otherwise. You play a mage in one of two factions (Architects or Animators) who is fighting for your faction’s control over the world. And I mean the world in a literal sense; Shadow Cities utilizes your phone’s GPS to position your character wherever you are at the moment on an actual map of your surroundings. You utilize certain spells to gain influence over your territory and capture strongholds of the opposing faction in neighboring areas. You can even teleport to other venues across the world to assist your teammates as they further the cause of your faction.

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