Calculator Pro For iPhone And iPod Touch

In case of smartphone, the calculator app has more options when compared to normal phones. In case of iPhone you can perform both basic and scientific calculations with the default pre installed calculator app. To perform basic calculations you tilt you phone to portrait and for scientific functions just tilt the phone to landscape mode.

Calculator pro is going to do the same function but you have one cool stuff, you can change your calculator pro with different themes which cant be done with native calculator app. Both free and paid version of this app is available.

Just swipe left or right, no lag while changing theme, performance is good.

Calculator Pro


  • Two modes are available: do basic calculations in Portrait Mode or go advanced in Landscape Mode.
  • Degrees and Radians calculations
  • Memory buttons to help you out with complex calculations
  • Adjustable themes: swipe left or right to select a cool theme (e.g. Doodle theme, Classic theme, Hi-Tech theme)
  • Accidentally put in the wrong number? Just swipe with your finger to edit it!

If you are bored of same theme, you can go for Calculator pro.

Available on iTunes for $0.99

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