iCan ABC For iPhone Helps Your Kid To Learn Alphabets

Having Kids?  then you must have iCan ABC on your iOS device. iCan ABC is not a hardcore game , but its a game about learning alphabets. This app is developed by the pre-school teaches and parents to make it useful for your little ward. No Ads are shown in this app, so that you are not moved to any other place through links and your money is not wasted. This makes even more perfect for your kid. The menus are simple and its easy for your kid to control and navigate.

iCan ABC for iPhone

Key Features:

  • Learning methods by pre-school teachers
  • Designed by parents
  • Developed by parents
  • Tested on pre-schoolers
  • Soothing music
  • Graphics designed for the right ages
  • Different gameplay for all stages of learning the alphabet
  • Children safe game
  • Professional vocals for all letters

Supported languages : US English, British English and Spanish (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish will be added soon)

With this little app I am sure that,  your kid will come to know about the sound and look of the alphabet

Available on iTunes at $0.99. This cost is not a big. Its too low price for your happy kid. Get it, install it on your iDevice make your kid happy.

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