Panamp – Best Alternate iPhone Music Player App

Bored of  iOS native MP3 Player app, looking for alternate? Here is the best alternate from our friends at Clever & Son. Panamp Music player is a perfect replacement for iOS default Music Player. It’s simple, yet powerful interface allows you to control, browse, list and listen to your music intuitively. Panamp’s operation has a natural and ergonomic feel, which will be picked up instinctively.

Panamp is a fast, robust music player application for iPhone and iPod touch that lets you create dynamic “Queues” of your favorite tracks on the go. Panamp lets you to display your library using resourceful cascade view, arrange your music by artist, album, track or iTunes playlist. With power search its real easy to find your favorite tracks and albums easily, you can also find all the related functions with single swipe. Playlist and favorite tracks can be maintained easily with panamp.


  • Dynamic creation of in-app playlists, called Queues.
  • Intelligent playback controls remain on-screen and accessible at all times.
  • Power search, search by text or with a swiping gesture.
  • Gesture controls and a smooth, responsive user interface.
  • Sync new music through iTunes as usual.
  • Fully supports iTunes playlists.
  • AirPlay support.
  • iCloud support.
  • Headset remote control compatible.
  • Control playback from the lock screen.
I use panamp for more than 2 weeks and found its really cool than the native iPod app for iPhone. You must definitely try this cheap super cool app on your iPhone!

Panamp Music Player App on iTunes @ $2.99

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  1. Yes you can, the white bar on the black rectangle at the bottom of the app shows the position in the song. You can drag that white bar or press somewhere on the black bar to change the song position.

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