Rhythm Studio, Best Friend For A Musician

Rhythm Studio is a music makeing apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This apps bring the virtual studio on your iOS device and you can almost perform all the functions you perform in the hardware like control the knob, slide switch and even more.

Rhythm Studio allows you to make music the way you want to by giving you three different ways to create your song.

1. Use the step sequencer like the real hardware.
2. Use the Control Pad to play the synths live.
3. Instantly create a random pattern.

Rhythm Studio

Rhythm Studio Features :

  • Full multi-touch support for moving lots of controls
  • Up to any 4 instruments per song
  • Audio Paste export!
  • Improved navigation for fast workflow
  • Robust pattern and song sequencer
  • 3 easy methods to making your songs
  • Recreation of classic drum machines
  • Recreation of classic synthesizers

Supported Instruments in Rhythm Studio :

  • TB-3 – The classic 303 acid synth reborn
  • DR-8 – Uncanny reproduction of the monster 808
  • ST-1 – A sample based synth with a VL-1 look
  • DR-9 – The 909 drum machine
  • Hornet – A ribbon style synth with character
  • Gemini – A two oscillator monster synth with 24db filter
  • Mixer – Four channel mixer with send and insert effects
  • Control Pad – jam live with this ‘kaos’ style controller

More and more features to be added in future Rhythm Studio updates.

Available on App Store for $4.99

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