Send Hand Written Greeting Cards From Your iPhone Using ThankYouPen App

Living Outside US ? Does your loved onces stay in US ? Don’t worry, you can now easily send the hand written greeting cards to your loved ones from your iPhone using ThankYouPen app. The greeting card requested and the message to be delivered is written by real people.

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All you have to do is select the card you like, fill in the sender details, for recipient address you can add from the address book or you can manually enter the details. Write the message you want to deliver them (There is a limit in characters most greeting cards has 250+ Character support), choose the writing style and color.  You can also send the gift cards from Amazon, Home depot or Starbucks along with the greeting cards. The price of the cards is from $3 – $6 it includes the cost for the cards, postage and other expenses. Once the payment is done  ThankYouPen team takes care of all the rest: they physically handwrite a message, address the envelope and mail it to the recipient. The card is send in a first class postal service.

Thank You Pen Card Selection


* Premium stationery and cards
* Various writing styles (Male or Female) and ink colors to choose
* No logos or marks on a letter, just a pure hand-written message
* Birthday reminder integrated
* Upcoming holidays list
* Various payment options available
* No payment information is stored on your iPhone


Thank You Pen Card

I find this really useful, since I can send the  card to my loved ones in USA from my place with my iPhone.

Available on App Store at free of cost

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