Some Useful Apps for iPhone 4

The release of the iPad and the iPhone 4 last year has only made the number of people buying applications on their smartphones and tablets grow even more. Applications are a billion dollar industry now and applications can perform a hugely varied set of tasks. Here are some of the useful and fun things you can now do on your iPhone 4.

Open Table
Stuck somewhere with no idea where to eat, Open Table will sort you out. Lets you know which local restaurants- from a database of 15,000 across the UK, USA and Canada- have open reservations so you can call and book a table last minute. You never need go hungry again!

This great little app allows you to find a cocktail recipe for every occasion. Simply type in what drinks you have in your cabinet and Mixology will find a cocktail recipe for you. With thousands of recipes on here you can impress your friends for years.

Sound Hound
There are quite a few applications like this now, that can find a song for you if you cannot think of the name, with Shazam being the most famous, but this is equally as good and totally free. Also allows you to tap the rhythm of a song with your finger and will try to tell you what song it is.

This app from Amazon allows you access to the countless e-books that the world famous website has in their collection. A great selection of both free and paid books means that you can now read wherever you are and you don’t have to cart around those cumbersome book things.

AIM is AOL’s chat application and it is one of the best out there. Not only will it allow you to chat to all of your friends who have the AIM app, it will also bring all of your friends using Facebook chat and Google chat in so you can talk to anyone you want.

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  1. Thank you for these apps and how they work..I am a new iphone 4 owner and was looking for some good ones.

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