Tweakon – Ultimate Twitter Client For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Twitter is the best micro blogging platform. Bloggers use it wisely as news resource, companies use as a support. I mostly access twitter from my iPhone, and on iPhone I use my favorite Twitter clients. Every user has his own favorite twitter client and I must say I replaced Tweakon as my default twitter client, Try it guys i know you will also like Tweakon on your sexy iOS device.

Tweakon is an ultimate twitter client for the iPhone and iPad. Tweakon has lots of best features and we may also more and more awesome improvements the app.

Awesome Features of Tweakon:

Friends view:

  • friends timeline
  • read/unread visual Notification
  • autoscroll
  • scroll on demand
  • post status
  • mark all statuses as read
  • navigate to chosen user Profile
  • navigate to chosen status
  • show more statuses
  • shake to full screen option
  • autoscroll option

Status/Tweet view

  • view particular tweet
  • reply to tweet
  • favorite tweet
  • reTweet
  • access all user tweets
  • access status links (inline or safari browser)

User profile

  • unfollow user
  • add to list
  • DM
  • access homepage of the user
  • see all user status updates
  • see user favorites
  • see who is following
  • see the user followers

Post status

  • character count
  • auto link shortener
  • one or more links // automatically shortened
  • clear

Upload photo ( integration

  • automatically uploads and pastes the returned from link to ready to post status


  • navigate to chosen user Profile
  • navigate to chosen status
  • show more statuses


  • access current trends
  • access daily trends
  • access weekly trends
  • search by trend word


  • access user lists
  • view number of user Per/list
  • create new list
  • refresh
  • edit lists
  • edit list name and Description
  • edit privacy mode
  • delete list
  • delete list membership
  • access list statuses

List statuses

  • access user profile


  • access user mentions statuses


  • access direct messages
  • delete direct messages


  • access user favorites
  • remove favorite
  • Sent
  • access user statuses
  • delete user statuses


  • access to unread messages (aggregate view of unreaded statuses from friend timeline and DMs)


  • access to the user ratelimit


  • access to the Twitter Account (login/logout)
  • Auto refresh settings
  • safari option settings
  • shake to fullscreen setting
  • Autoscroll settings

Tweakon is available in both lite and paid version on iTunes. I hope you like Tweakon on your iOS device.

Tweakon Lite on iTunes

Tweakon Paid App om iTunes @ $1.99

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