Air Monkey Game For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

We all know apple iOS device is one best portable gaming system. Many games first came to iDevice and became most popular. Air monkey is an addictive fun game with exciting levels. All you have to do is, maneuver the monkey from rope to rope up to the tree house. The theme is simple but you need to think smart to reach the tree house.

Air Monkey


  • 36 highly addictive, challenging levels each with a unique and puzzling tree of ropes
  • Loaded with surprises and hidden treasures including spinning bananas that give your monkey super jumping powers and twirling fezz’s to earn extra monkeys.
  • Tilt control allows the player to view more of the tree to help you make better rope jumping decisions
  • Continue Game feature allows the action to continue
  • GameCenter scoreboard allows you to compete against others

Available on iTunes for $0.99

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