iPhone Game : JumpShip Thrust Control

iPhone 4 is one of the best smartphone available in the market, it also supports awesome mobile games. One Such example is angry birds by Rovio, one of the top selling paid game and now available for almost all mobile platforms and  also for windows PC. Today I came to know about recently launched game JumpShip Thrust Control. You are the captain of  proton class fighter, this happens inside the tunnels of a large asteroid, with your auto leveling gyro broken, you’ve got to use your thrusters manually. There are both power ups and obstacles, all the power ups are not good so careful with them.

Some of the features of the game

  • Addictive game play
  • Leader boards
  • Achievements
  • Awesome power ups
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Cool soundtrack

This games reminds me of the old flash game which i used to play before  5 years 🙂 When it comes to dificulty of the game there is no such thing to choose now, some times the game is easy some to hard and some times really too hard.

Note : There is an update from the developers that they are working on an update to make this game little easy.

This game is completely Ad Free and available for free at App store

If you tried this game do share your views with us!!

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