Reckless Racing 2 Is Now Available On iTunes App Store

We already covered that Recless Racing 2 Will be available on iTunes App Store from Feb 2. Reckless racing game is one of the popular iOS game from Polarbit. In Reckless Racing 2 there are 40 pre defined challenges, 18 high detailed cars, 24 routes and many more stuffs.

Reckless Racing 2

Reckless Racing 2 Features

  • Tune and tweak the performance, handling, tires, rims and colors of your cars
  • Shader based game engine with normal maps, reflections, specularity, shadows, particles and more
  • Improved and optimized shaders for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S
  • Online leaderboards with downloadable ghost cars
  • Online multiplayer over the Internet
  • 17 characters, including your favorites from Reckless Racing 1
  • 5 control layouts with customizable button positions
  • Optional assists, such as race lines, mini map, chase camera and more

Reckless Racing 2 is now available for download from iTunes App Store. The price of the game is $4.99 and it is universal app, that means you can play on both iPhone and iPad.

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