Three Trees – Unique 3-Panel Puzzle Game For iOS

iPhone is my favorite gadget for playing games. It really has  lots of cool games to entertain you. Three Trees is a puzzle game where the player has to balance the nature, with Sun, Air, Water just by swapping across the screen. The element has both advantage and disadvantage, the only thing to win is you have to maintain a perfect balance between them.

This game was started as a prototype named “Water, Air, Sun”, developed in 11 hours during the 360 iDev GameJam with the theme “Change the World”.

How it Works?

  • Water (rain) helps the trees to grow and gets rid of dry land.  But let it rain too much and you will have excess water on the land.
  • Sun reduces this excess water on the land, but too much of it will create excess dust.
  • Air (wind) reduces the growth of trees, makes the land cracked and dry, but it also blows away the excess dust.

Available on App Store @ $0.99

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