5 Must Have Accessories For iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is the fastest selling Apple product ever, with more than four million units sold in just three days. That’s a mightily impressive figure, particularly considering the fairly low-key improvements over last year’s iPhone 4. Still, with a vastly improved camera, a dual core processor and the clever AI Siri, there’s clearly more than enough reasons to upgrade to the 4S.

If you’re one of the millions who has picked up an iPhone 4S, the next order of business is to get some proper accessories for your new toy. We’ve gone through and found the five must have accessories for the iPhone 4S, ensuring that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, your iPhone will be there at full force.

Let’s get right into it!

5. MFX Screen Protector

One of the most important accessories for any phone is the screen protector. Even with clever gorilla grass, Apple’s iPhone are notoriously easy to scratch, making it a gamble to throw it in your pocket and hope for the best. By applying a cheap but effective screen protector, such as this one from MFX, you can protect the vulnerable screen and back cover from scrapes and scratches without sacrificing any visual clarity.

mfx screen protector

4. Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger

While the iPhone 4S has a slightly larger battery than before, thanks to the dual core processor you won’t see much more battery life out of it. With an external battery though, you’ll be able to get many more hours of life out of your phone. The Pama Plug N Go offers a massive 4000 mAh more power (the iPhone 4S has 1432 mAh), more than tripling the battery life of the phone and ensuring you’re never left without charge.

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pama plug n go power portable charger

3. Desktop Sync & Charge Cradle

It’s a bit of a waste to get such a deliciously designed phone as the 4S and then not show it off. With the Desktop Sync and Charge cradle, you can display your iPhone 4S whilst its syncing and charging. The cradle is also perfect for ensuring that you see incoming notifications, and even watching films on your phone.

sync and charge cradle

2. DriveTime Car Pack

With a few modifications, the iPhone 4S can become a potent car companion, thanks to its powerful dual core processor, legions of excellent GPS map apps, and excellent assisted GPS capabilities. With a car holder and charger like the DriveTime Car Pack, you can keep your iPhone in an easy-to-read position and fully charged.


1. Griffin Survivor Case

If you’re worried about breaking your iPhone 4S, then this is the case for you. The Griffin Survivor is a ridiculously heavily armoured case, offering three layers of protection against all kinds of damage. The frame is protected by aircraft grade aluminium covered in shock absorbent silicone, and the screen is protected by a strong solid screen protector. If you’re looking for a case that’ll take a beating and resist the elements, then the Survivor should be your top choice. If you work outdoors, then this is the perfect case.

griffin survivor

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I hope you found this helpful! What accessories for the iPhone 4S do you find most essential? Let us know via the comments!

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