Portable USB Mini Desk Fan [Review]

Its summer time in India , I cant sit in front of my PC without FAN or AC. But using AC for prolonged time is not possible. So I was searching for some USB powered fan to stay cool. I recently bought the Portable Executive USB desk fan from gearzap. It is classic, portable and convenient.

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The USB mini desk fan is ultra portable and easy to use. The diameter of the fan is 14 cm and it has 4 blades for better airflow. The USB desk fan has 1 metre USB cable. There is a switch behind the fan to power on or off the fan. The USB desktop fan can be operated via USB wall adapter or with a help of portable USB charger. This fan really adds classic look to our workplace.

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During operation the fan is quite and super speed. The USB mini desk fan comes with hard case and stand and can be adjusted to our convenient position.


  • Super Mini Cool Stand Fan
  • High Power, Small and Quiet
  • Individual Switcher
  • Iron Hard case with Stand
  • Fan Diameter: 13 cm, Height: 14 cm

Portable USB Mini Desk Fan - Review (3)


  • Quite , Fast
  • Stand, 360 degree adjustable position
  • USB power
  • Power Switch


  • No speed control.

Portable USB Mini Desk Fan - Review (4)


Executive USB desk fan twin pack is priced at $25. In simple words,  this particular model is value for your money. If you are looking for any MacBook accessories you must definitely check gearzap.com.

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