Sandisk Ultra 32Gb SDHC / SD Class 10 (30Mb/s) Memory Card – Review

There are lots of memory cards available in the market. If you have a good or high end camera you must definitely go for some high capacity and high performance memory cards. The memory cards has different classes according to the data transfer rate. You must go for higher class memory card to get high data transfer speed.

To record or shoot 1080p we must definitely get some high performance memory card with high data transfer rate. There are lots of branded memory cards available in the market. Some users like some brand. I mostly prefer Sandisk. I recently bought Sandisk ultra 32 GB SDHC class 10 memory card which has the data transfer rate of 30 Mb/s. This particular model and data transfer speed is best for recording 1080p videos at 30 frames per second. The write and read speed is really important for better performance. Write speed determines how fast your camera can write and read speed determines how fast your devices can read from the memory card.

Sandisk Ultra SDHC - SD Class 10 Memory Card - Review

Sandisk cards are shockproof, vibration proof and x-ray proof. I am using this card for almost one month and I have seen some significant improvement in camera’s performance. There is no lag in viewing the picture or video using the camera from memory card. The waiting time between the snaps are reduced and the video recording is improved.  Sandisk ultra class 10 memory card is best suitable for high definition videos and high megapixel photos.

Why Buy

  • Fast class 10 memory card
  • Supplied with a memory card case
  • Ideal for high megapixel cameras and 1080P video
  • Complete with jewel case
  • 30 year warranty

Sandisk Ultra SDHC - SD Class 10 Memory Card - Review 2


If you have a good point and shoot camera or DSLR with high megapixel sensor and 1080p high definition video recording, you must definitely prefer class 10 memory cards like Sandisk ultra memory cards.


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