SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset [Review]

The SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a stylish and lets you listen to music or make calls wirelessly. The first thing you notice about the headset is how light it is. You can wear it for long time without any problem and it also flexible to keep it your bag while travelling. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets, laptops and it uses Bluetooth v2.0 that offers a range of 10 meters. It just takes few seconds to pair, all you need is to follow the given instructions in the guide.

SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

There are cushions so that it comfortable for your ears at the same time prevents audio loss. There are playback buttons that lets you play/pause, change the tracks as well as adjusting the volume. You can increase or decrease the volume in the headset even if the device’s volume is full. The audio is loud and clear with the frequency response of 18Hz to 22KHz, and a signal to noise ratio of 95dB, and you can also attend incoming calls while listening to music. The music resumes automatically after the call gets disconnected.
SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
The call quality is good, and you can also adjust the in-call volume in the headset. There blue glowing light indicates that the headset is on, and a red light flickers to let you know when it is disconnected.
SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
The built-in 400mAh Li-Polymer battery allows for up to 20 hours of talk and music time from just one charge. It takes about an hour to charge it from your laptop / PC via the provided mini USB cable. If you are looking for any phone accessories the SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset would be a good one for you that is available on Mobilefun for $39.
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