Wish You All Happy New Year 2010

Wish You All Happy New Year 2010   “SHUTTING DOWN the current old year We WELCOME 2010 standing near DELETING the worst memories We ENTER 2010 to CREATE new stories Lets make a new FILE of resolutions And SAVE them as our target for the generation To make our lives VIRUS free No TROJAN HORSE, […]

How To Reduce Loading Time Of Your Blog

The loading  of your blog is very  factor in  visitors of your blog. My previous blog template had lots of css,java scripts,sliders..due to which my blog’s loading time was poor and soon many started complaining about it. So now I shifted to a new template. Still I am fond of those java scripts and Gadgets […]

A Short Video About Google Chrome OS

Don’t know about the Chrome OS that Google is developing. Here is a short informative video that won’t take much of your time and will give you an Idea of what the Chrome OS is all about.