Reflekt – Addictive Puzzle Game For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Reflekt is yet another awesome puzzle game with awesome music  for iOS devices. You have  parts in the game  movable part and the reflection part. The bottom of goes as reflection part and the upper is the movable part. All you have to do is match the upper elements in upper screen with lower screen before the […]

Tippy Tower – Tricky Puzzle Game For iPhone

The main theme of the game is, you have to arrange the little bricks on top of each other to reach certain height to complete the level. You have two height limits one marked with red marker and the other one with green marker. To complete the game just reach the red marker height. To […]

Three Trees – Unique 3-Panel Puzzle Game For iOS

iPhone is my favorite gadget for playing games. It really has  lots of cool games to entertain you. Three Trees is a puzzle game where the player has to balance the nature, with Sun, Air, Water just by swapping across the screen. The element has both advantage and disadvantage, the only thing to win is […]