Mobile apps and the development of mobile-based technology have quite literally transformed our lives. We turn to our mobile devices on a daily basis for weather, stock, and news updates, to check our emails, to communicate with friends and family, and to take, post and share videos and photos. But developers have gone far beyond what we could ever possibly think we actually needed on our mobile devices. The phrase “There’s an app for that” has become more than commonplace thanks to the incredibly diverse and innovative range of applications mobile owners now have instant access to.


Whilst this app evolution has helped improved our daily lives both personally and from a work perspective what sort of impact has it had on industries and other businesses themselves? Recently Apple launched their new streaming music service to compete alongside Spotify. This allows users to sign up for a monthly membership where they are able to instantly access old and new songs and albums from a huge catalogue of music directly to their phone or tablet and the ramifications for the music industry could be huge. There is plenty of controversy surrounding revenue for the artists themselves regarding these subscription services however as these services evolve a suitable agreement will hopefully become clearer and more beneficial between all parties in the future.

The retail industry has also seen a huge boost in profits and revenue as many businesses are now able to offer a more convenient way for their customers to shop. Home grocery shopping, fashion and commerce companies such as Amazon have all taken advantage of the mobile market. They provide customers with specialised apps that provide an easily searchable online catalogue of products and a swift checkout and payment process that can be carried out from your mobile device in a few mere clicks. They are now able to provide customers with loyalty programs and additional offers and information simply by utilising the notification facility built in to most mobile devices and their operating systems. This allows retail companies to keep in touch with their client-base and learn more intuitively about their tastes and interests and providing them with more suitable promotions in the future.

Even though land-based casinos are in fact now seeing a slight increase in visitors these days the introduction of mobile-based casino games were having an impact. Punters can now happily play all their favourite games, whether that may be bingo or poker, by simply by grabbing their phone and tablet and opening a casino app. Many casino operators now provide their patrons with a mobile-based service meaning they can play roulette, poker the slots and more any time of the day and from anywhere at their convenience. And it’s this increased marketable reach that has helped attract new gamblers and actual casino virgins who had never previously even considered entering a land-based brick and mortar casino.

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