13 Autocorrect Mistakes You Wouldn’t Want to Send to Your Mom

Technology is supposed to make things easier, faster and more convenient and for the most part, it does. However, there are times when it just complicates things, like in the case of autocorrect mistakes. In addition to causing confusion, autocorrect mistakes provide so much hilarity that people have created entire websites devoted to them. Next time you’re texting Mom, just be sure to check the content of the message before pressing “send,” so you don’t make a mistake similar to these…


1. Let’s Bang Out

Instead of asking a friend to “hang out,” a smart phone user accidentally asked the friend to “bang out.” Good thing the message wasn’t for an ex-boyfriend!

2. At the Demonologist

One user accidentally told a friend she was at the “demonologist” instead of the gynaecologist. Imagine Mom’s face if she were to receive that one.

3. Just One Letter Makes a Difference

Instead of apologizing for falling asleep on a friend after a long night, one user apologized for falling asleep “in” the friend. Expect major cringing if you accidentally send that one to Mom.

4. What?

Sometimes, trying to fix the autocorrect mistake is just as funny as the mistake itself, especially when people start to get annoyed at their phones. This one speaks for itself:

User 1: How was breakfast? What did you get?

User 2: It was good. I ate a nutsack.


User 2: [bleep] off, phone. I ate the short staff.


User 1: Sounds filling. LOL.

5. Oh, Mom!

One user attempted to tell her mother that her boyfriend got his gum in her hair, but the autocorrect changed the first letter of gum. Use your imagination!

6. Stupid Auto Crustacean!

When a friend asked one user if she wanted to come over, the friend tried to respond by saying that her parents were home. Instead, autocorrect changed it to “homeless.” Becoming frustrated, the user attempted to curse out auto correct and ended up saying, “STUPID AUTO CRUSTACEAN!”

7. New Batteries, Please

One mother was texting her daughter and asked the daughter to please replace the batteries in Mom’s cameltoe. When the daughter responded with “…in your WHAT,” Mom said, “oh no, my camera…what is a cameltoe?” The daughter replied, “Don’t even ask.” And a moment later Mom said, “Oh God, I googled it!”

8. Fatty Badger?

One sick user was trying to tell a friend that they couldn’t breathe properly through their nose. “If you hear fatty badger tonight, don’t worry, it’s just me.” Then they realized that the autocorrect had changed Darth Vader to “fatty badger.”

9. Bring Both!

A mom was texting her son and said that she’d be bringing coffee and snacks. Unfortunately, autocorrect changed “snacks” to “snatch.” The son, elated, proceeded to tell Mom that she was the best mom ever. She responded with a deadpan, “Shut up.”

10. What Man?

One user was being silly and typing the Batman theme song to a friend. Unfortunately, after he got past the “nananana” part, autocorrect changed “Batman” to “Breast Milk.”

11. Vegetarian Problems

Don’t you hate when you just can’t eat children? That’s what it seemed like when one user tried to tell a friend that sometimes she wishes she could eat “chicken,” but then remembered she was a vegetarian. Autocorrect changed “chicken” to “children.

12. That’s Just Weird

A proud grandma was trying to tell her friend that she’d found some adorable “camo pants” for her toddler granddaughter. Autocorrect changed “camo pants” to “crotchless panties.”

13. Bring My What?

One user, when chatting with a friend, was planning a nice cup of coffee on the porch. When she asked her friend to bring the “French vanilla,” autocorrect changed it to “French venereal disease.”

Each and every one of these is enough to make you cringe at the thought of Mom receiving them, but they do make for a hilarious story! If you’re dying to get started creating your own hilarious autocorrects, check out great T-mobile cell phone plans with no annual contract. Until then, enjoy these funny and awkward auto-corrects.

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