5 Best Camera Apps for Android

Photography and printing, these two things revolutionized the way the world used to think. Today, everything wherever you go you will find how these two things revolutionized the world. Nowadays, you don’t need those heavy and big cameras to click images. All what you need is a phone.  Companies are trying hard to take each other down, this results in good features, really good features. Good camera quality is one of those features.

There are good quality camera phones such as Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung Galaxy S 2, HTC One X etc but you need to have the apps that can optimize the images. There are well over 4.5 million apps on Google Play store and it becomes really hard for users to find the ones which they need so to ease your job, we have compiled the list of Top 5 Camera Apps for Android OS.


Instagram was recently sold by its developers to the Facebook team for the whooping price of $1 Billion. The price money is really high and so is its quality. Instagram is also available on iOS devices and is recently made available to the Android users. The best thing about this app is that you can share anyone of your photos with your friends over the Internet. The app is worth trying.

Instagram Android

Color splash Fx

I am sure you would have heard about this app before. Color splash Fx is like a power-pack app for tweaking. You can use Color splash Fx to change the color of the images with very fine brush strokes. Once you get smooth with the app, you will find it easy to use and you will also be able to create some magnificent images.

Color splash Fx Android

Magix Camera MX

As the name suggests, Magix Camera MX is like a mini-filter pack. If you want to click images against light, we generally use filters in SLR cameras but in case of mobile cameras we use such kind of apps. Magix Camera MX has got 16 filters, ranging from Sepia to Kaleidoscope. You can also adjust the contrast, white-balance etc.

MAGIX Camera MX Android

FX Camera

FX Camera is a really fast camera app for Android users. FX Camera gives you most advanced features with really lightening fast speed. You can create some mind-blowing images with this app provided you get familiar with it. The fun doesn’t stop here with FX Camera, once you are done with the image you can even share it with your friends on the social networking sites.

FX Camera Android

After Focus

After Focus or the Adobe Photoshop of the Android, it doesn’t matter what you call it. After Focus is an awesome app. After Focus, as the name suggests, allows you to blur the background of the already clicked images without any hassle. The app is handy for those who are aiming to become professional photographers.

After Focus Android
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