5 Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Strategies

Any online marketer who is keen on business success fully understands the power and potential of web analytics. The practice of web analytics will enable you to become knowledgeable about your niche market and optimise results from your marketing efforts. To be successful, it is extremely essential that you understand which of your business strategies are working well and where you need to focus your resources.

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation?

To put it very plainly, conversion simply implies getting a visitor to your website to take action. Optimising your conversion rates means finding the reasons why visitors are not taking that expected action and then taking steps to have that fixed.

Here is an overview of 5 leading strategies to assist you in your conversion rate optimisation efforts:

1. Adopt A Strategy That Is Structured

Although it becomes quite tempting to simply put into place an A/B test or tweak some copy material here and there, it has been proven that adopting a structured plan for 3-6 months brings more long run benefits. It has been found that those businesses employing an approach that is structured were 4 times more likely experience significant sales increase than decreases.

2. Look at it From the Customer’s perspective

The best approach would be to make use of your own website just as would any online visitor or customer. Starting at the beginning, go through the entire typical journey of making an inquiry or purchasing something online. Was the journey painless? What challenges did you experience?
Next visit your competitor sites and repeat the very same task for the same inquiry or product and keep a good record of all your findings. Now get back to your website and do something based on your findings.

3. Get and Act on Customer Feedback

Another very useful strategy is to invite several customers for a controlled user testing, hold a focus group or request them to give feedback on your website. Endeavour to find out from them what motivates their action (or turns them away). Seek to identify the common challenges they are encountering. What could be done to improve their user experience? You could also opt to use online surveys for gathering fast feedback.

4. Engage your Customer Care Team

Your front-line staffs typically gather and hold tons of information concerning the frustrations experienced by your customers. When things go awry they’re the ones who offer your customers a shoulder to cry on; as such, they are in a position of giving you extremely useful insights into the common problems.

5. Make use of More Data

Today there are tons and tons of data to assist in informing your CRO strategy. Some of these include bounce rates, conversion funnels, page entrance and exit, tablet and mobile usage, and the time on site statistics.

Other tools which you could gainfully utilise include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Web Trends
  • VisiStat
  • Social Media (Twitter and Facebook Analytics)

So there is no reason why you also cannot dive in and crunch the big numbers too?

Bottom Line

In current business environment, accurate and timely information has become indispensable towards making business decisions that are sound. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot take advantage of the endless array of tools available online to effectively analyse how your web visitors are behaving and then take suitable action to influence the same.


Tim Aldiss writes for Cloud iQ

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