5 Reasons How Mobile Monitoring Applications Can Protect Girls

Girls are the fairer sex. It is generally perceived that they get privileged treatment everywhere they go. That’s hardly true. In fact, girls are more vulnerable to stress, discrimination, smoking, drugs, teenage depression, image issues, and media influence. Parents do realize that girls are introverts (disclaimer: exceptions are always there), and in consequence they have been looking for a mechanism whereby they can help their adolescent girls without physical contact. This is where mobile monitoring applications have tremendously helped them.

With its ability to monitor calls, messages, and web surfing, the software has provided parents with valuable inputs about their daughters’ pressing problems. Most of the girls share their predicaments with their close confidantes. Parents can help their daughters by browsing those secrets via mobile monitoring software. Here are 5 reasons why girls are more vulnerable than boys and thus need this protection even more:

  •  Society is male-dominated: Girls are vulnerable to discrimination because, sadly, society is still basically male-dominated. They feel less preferred, underutilized, underestimated, underrated, and overprotected. They do not get the rewards (and the praise) they deserve. Determined women do overcome many hurdles. Still average girls are at clear disadvantage in the society.
  •  Mental Toughness: Girls can suffer from identity crises, lack of confidence, and lack of self-belief. Boys do go through these predicaments but they get more feedback from their parents and friends to come out successfully. It is easier to throw a girl into mental chaos, skepticism, and disarray than a boy, because society makes it so.
  •  Medical Problems: The female body is more complicated than the male body because of its reproductive organs, menstruation, and pregnancies. Girls are more prone to medical issues than boys, the foremost being getting pregnant. Medical problems can cause stress in in girls and they are automatically outcast from many activities. They are also physically weaker than boys, and are afraid of them when they make strong advances.
  •  Vulnerability to Smoking and Drugs: Girls are more image-conscious than boys. They attach excessive importance to relationships. And it’s because of the way women are portrayed in the media. Hence they are more vulnerable to smoking and drugs than boys. Some girls take up smoking as an aid to accelerate metabolism and reduce weight. They also think it makes them look independent and equal to boys when they smoke.
  •  Easily Depressed: Considering all these factors, it’s not surprising that girls are especially vulnerable to depression, more so than boys. They can brood over petty or negative emotions for hours and months. Actually this phenomenon is so common that there’s a name for it: Rumination. Girls are very particular about how they look, who they hang out with, and who they date.

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