5 Tools That Every Problogger Should Be Using

It takes a huge effort to become a Pro Blogger — a nickname for professional blogger, who has an impressive level of experience when it comes to blogging, internet marketing and associated sections. Even when you have become one Pro Blogger, there will be no scarcity in terms of responsibilities, but those expectations may even need you to be bit more hardworking. Once you have got yourself under the label of Pro Blogger, however, you will have to depend on a various number of tools, to keep track of your website and analyze it for the sake of an impressive future! Here, in this post, we have created a list of tools that you, as a Pro Blogger, should use for the abovementioned purposes. So, we hope these tools will be quite helpful when it comes to analyzing your blog or website and thus keep scoring well in terms of reputation and profit.


  1. Ahrefs

Ranking high in search engine results is also, although not exclusively, about backlinks you have! So, to keep yourself in the path of success when it comes to Internet Marketing, it is essential to take care of ‘backlinks’ aspect of the site or blog you have. Ahrefs, a commonly popular and immensely productive tool for backlink analysis would definitely help you finish this taking-care job. Once you input the URL you want to monitor into the corresponding space, you’ll see page that lists out various sections about backlinks your site or blog receives as well as inbound backlinks. Along with a graph that gives you insights to total referring domains and total referring pages, Ahrefs throws light into the number of backlinks, category-based classification of backlinks, cloud of anchors that creates backlinks, etc.

  1. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb will be your reliable companion when it comes to analyzing traffic of your own website as well as that of others! Well, the practical purpose of SimilarWeb is that you can know more about traffic aspect of your competitors in World Wide Web in such a way that you can follow or stop following certain ways as to improve traffic! Along with estimated site data that gives an insight on traffic a website receives, it gives you information about source of traffic, geographical categorization of where the traffic comes from, referring websites, top keywords, prominent topics etc.

  1. Moz

As an internet marketer, you would have definitely heard about Moz! The solution lets you explore various aspect of a website such as its rankings in search engine results, backlinks that contribute to the reputation and SEO part of its success, performance of the site in social media, brand reputation of yours, how well your content performs in SERPs and of course analysis of traffic so that you can know fruitful your SEO efforts are. Altogether, this premium service ( a free-trail is available, though) is a great solution for almost every professional out there!

  1. SEOPoints

SEOPoints is a completely free tool to have a brief-enough insight of SEO statistics of a website or blog, including the Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and almost everything you would love to know in a glance. SEOPoints will be quite useful when you want to have a brief overview of a website in a few seconds. So, it makes enough sense for a professional to use SEOPoints.

  1. Majestic

Majestic is yet another multipurpose tool for Pro Bloggers to keep track of websites and blogs. Majestic offers a wide variety of services such as Site Explorer and Webmaster Tools along with Link Mapping Tools. Top feature of Majestic is its backlink checking, and by providing URL of website you want to check, you can know about backlinks it has and other aspects and categorizations.

What do you think about these must-have tools for Pro Bloggers out there? Do you have some better suggestions for us? We want to know!

Author Bio: Devinder Maheshwari is a writer at www.beebom, and he writes about technology, social media, internet marketing and blogging.

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