Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Drupal CMS For Your Website

Drupal ever since its inception has been one of the most intricate content management system. However the valuable and unbeatable features of the Drupal CMS have made it popular among the webmasters and the bloggers.

Many of the leading websites over internet have used the Drupal CMS and these leading websites includes- Ubuntu, Harvard, Sony Music and much more. The best part of the Drupal CMS is that it is usable in 182 languages and the blogger residing in any of the 228 countries of world can use it to create a website.

You can find out on the official Drupal Home Page, that they display out few of the Top websites like ubuntu, InfoWorld and many more Top sites are build on Drupal CMS. So, in order to build a website of that quality you need to choose the best Drupal Hosting providers which assures you with important aspects like Up-Time, Support, Customer Care, etc. Choosing a correct Drupal Hosting solution for your Drupal based website is always a benefit.

Drupal is one of the most sophisticated content management systems available on internet and this is the reason the webmasters and bloggers love to use it for their websites. However, besides many good features Drupal CMS has some limitations and drawbacks also. Read more and know about the advantages and the disadvantages of Drupal CMS.


Advantages of using Drupal CMS

  • Multi-featured- Drupal CMS is multi-featured CMS and has all the necessary features that a webmaster or a blogger may need to create an impressive website. The most commonly liked features of Drupal CMS include- system administration menu management, RSS-Feeds, maintenance, user account registration and page layout customization.  These features of Drupal CMS enable a user to create any kind of website right from a simple personal blog to a professional ecommerce website..
  • Great website Building Tools and different Templates– Drupal CMS has many different and advanced website building tools which help to create a website quickly without any considerable effort. By using the different and attractive template the user can make the website layout attractive. The pre-defined configuration feature of Drupal CMS enable user to make even a complicate website easily and rapidly.
  • Excellent Content Creation– Drupal CMS main attraction is its feature of excellent content creation. The user can add many of the different and useful modules like polls, videos, management, blogs, revision controls, podcasts and videos in their blogs with Drupal CMS.
  • Highly developed Administrator Controls– when you create a website with Drupal CMS, you get an authority of setting up new user account and that account is administered completely by you. You can designate other people as admin in your website if you want a group of people to work there. The latest version of Drupal CMS brings new and advanced administrator controls.
  • Dynamic Designs– Drupal CMS carries some very interesting themes and templates and those are easy to use as well. The user can use those designing tools and the templates to give the website an attractive look. You can check out more information about Drupal and other CMS services at WPSkool
  • Easy management- Drupal CMS though has a learning curve but is easy to manage. The user can categorize the posts, create the defaults, and create custom lists and much more to organize the blog or website.

Disadvantages of using Drupal CMS

  • Non friendly interface  Drupal CMS is much user friendly as compared to the other open source content management systems. It incorporates a high learning curves and one need to learn a few basic things about the platform and its features before using it.
  • Not good Compatibility Drupal CMS is a new content management system as compared to other old and established content management systems. Drupal CMS is not compatible with other software.
  • Mediocre performances the websites made in Drupal CMS are relatively heavy and take more time to load. The large breadth of tools in Drupal CMS makes the website heavy. The websites made in Drupal CMS can never open with a slow internet connection.

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