Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Joomla CMS For Your Website

Among all the open source content management systems available over internet, Joomla CMS is one of the most popular ones. It helps you to create, edit, publish and manage the content in your website with an ease. Webmasters using the Joomla CMS are usually very happy with the features it incorporates.

Joomla allows everybody to create their own webpage from personal sites to business sites. One of the major benefits of Joomla is, if you want to build a business website you certainly need to use the self-hosted website and Building websites with Joomla is always a fun. It is suggested that there are many reliable Joomla Hosting solutions like Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGroup etc, which provides you with excellent customer care with 24×7 support.

Joomla has many benefits and plus points over the other open source content management systems and this is what is making it more and more popular day by day. The best part about Joomla CMS is that even a layman can create a website using the system. It is very easy to install and following a few instructional guidelines can get you own a website.

However like everything else in the world, Joomla has some advantages as well as some disadvantages too. In this piece of writing we will discuss about the pros and cons of using the Joomla CMS.


Advantages of using Joomla CMS

  1. Open source– The best advantage of using the Joomla CMS is that it is an open source platform and is available for free. All the source codes are available for free and the user can reuse it as per the requirements. If you want to hoard some of your hard earned money you must make your website using Joomla CMS.
  2. Usability- Joomla CMS can be used for making any kind of websites, right from the small, simple and personal blog to the large corporate website or any e-commerce website. The plenty of options and features available in Joomla CMS enables the user to make a website with all necessary modules. One can also make the organizational websites and government applications using the Joomla CMS. Even the online communities or online magazines could be created easily by using Joomla CMS.
  3. Accessibility- Joomla Content Management System is very easy to use and even a layman having no technical knowledge about HTML programming can make a website using it. This is one of the major advantages of Joomla CMS which is making it increasingly popular bit by bit. You just need to install Jommla CMS and you are all set to create, edit and manage the content in your website. You do not need to have any prior knowledge about web development to make a website using the Joomla CMS.
  4. Themes and templates– Joomla CMS comes with various attractive themes and templates. You can make your website look attractive by using different inbuilt templates and themes. You can select the theme and template which goes well with your niche and topic. Selecting or changing the existing theme and template is absolutely easy in Joomla CMS.
  5. Trouble-free Migration –If you have your website in Joomla you can migrate to any other server with ease.
  6. Customer Support– Joomla CMS is run by a vast community and if you are facing any technical problem in maintaining your website in Joomla you can submit a report or a bug and your problem will be fixed in real time b the experienced and large community of Joomla.  

Disadvantages of Using Joomla CMS

  1. One major drawback that Joomla user experience is that some of its plug-ins works with only some particular scripts.
  2. You can customize your website extensively as you can do with other open source platforms.
  3. The learning curve is larger as compared to other open source platforms.
  4. Makes the website heavy to load and run.

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