Apple Micro USB to Lightning Adapter [Review]

Ever felt that you needed to carry your charger anywhere you went? Especially for your iPhone 5 or your iPad Mini which have nothing but a lightning plug?

Well carrying a USB to Lightning cable is fine, and even a wall charger is ok, but if you do not have access to a power socket what can you do? An example of such a situation, would be charging stations which provide various charging points but are mainly the micro USB ones.

With a drumroll, the micro USB to lightning adapter is a boon. What does it do? Simple, you can plug in any regular Micro USB charger (read Samsung), to this adapter and plug the lightning end to your iPhone or your iPad and there you have it! Your device will charge like any other!

Apple Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (1)

Size :

Ever since i got it, it has been in my wallet. It would be roughly the size of your fingernail and it would fit any regular wallet or handbag. The problem – you might lose it! The small size of this makes it really easy for you to carry it around, you wont even know its there, oh yes you wont even know if it isnt.

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Charging Time :

Would this workout if it took twice as much as time to charge when compared to a normal apple wall charger?

Although a lot would depend on the charger you use, i didn’t really see too much of a difference when using this when compared to a regular Apple charger. My iPhone goes from <10% to 100% in about 2 hours when using the wall charger. I tried charging it with this Apple lightning adapter from a normal micro USB wall charger and it took roughly the same time, give or take a few minutes.

Apple Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (3)

I also ran a test with the iPad Mini which resulted in completely the same results. Again, give or take a few minutes.

Overall :

Apple Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (4)

Whom does this benefit? The frequent traveler, the person with more than one kinda phone or device and also the lazy one who doesn’t want to carry a charger wherever he goes and prefers to use other’s chargers. You can get this Micro USB to Lightning Adapter from for $25.

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