CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac

Who doesn’t like to make a collage? Isn’t it wonderful to see all your important pictures in the same frame? Im not talking about seeing them temporarily, im talking about printing them out and having them in a frame. If you aren’t the kind of person who uses pictures at home, read no further, but […]

Tweetbot For Mac Is Here, Reason Behind $19.99 Pricing

Tapbots, creators of Tweetbot, the best twitter client for iPhone and iPad. Recently, Tweetbot developers released the alpha version of tweetbot for mac. Many users welcomed Tweetbot for Mac, as it was the most popular twitter client for iPhone. Today, Tapbots released Tweetbot for Mac for $19.99 (too costly, almost the price of Mountain Lion). […]

Coda 2 For Mac Is Now Available, Grab Today At 50% Discounted Price

Coda is the popular code editing app for Mac. Most web developers who uses mac uses coda. Panic, creators of coda previously announced that Coda 2 and Diet Coda for iPad will be available on 24th May. Likewise Coda 2 and Diet Coda for iPad  hits Mac and iTunes app store. Panic also announced introductory offer that […]

iBooks Author Now Available On Mac App Store

Apple today introduced iBooks 2 and iTunes U for iPad and iPhone. With these 2 new apps apple reinvented the textbooks. Apple also introduced iBooks Author, a mac app to easily create the books. Now anyone can create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPad. All you need is an […]