Cool Accoutrements for Your iPad

If you are an iPad owner, then here are a few accoutrements which you might wish to buy for enhancing your experience of using an updated and featured iPad. 1. A case with in-built Bluetooth keyboard – When the keyboards of touch screen devices lack of tangible response, which may bother you, then get a tangible […]

iPod Touch Maintenance Tricks

One of the hallmarks of Apple’s great media devices is that they just work. If you want an MP3 player and hand-held computer that does its job and hardly ever gives you trouble, you can hardly do better than to invest in an iPod Touch. Every computer suffers from the occasional glitch, however, and every […]

4 Top New iPhone 5 Accessories

Let’s take a look at some of the ultimate accessories for your iPhone 5 that have hit the market recently. The essentials include: ShockDrop cases Possibly an essential for your smart phone, Shock Drop cases offer incredible protection for a rather fragile device. The ShockDrop case has 10mm of shock absorbing silicon protection on each […]

iOS 7 Behind Schedule, Has New Look

Jony Ive, Apple’s famed hardware designer, was put in charge of iOS software as well upon the departure of Scott Forstall last year. Ive was said to be rather against the skeumorphic elements that Apple are known for – things like the terrible pool table background in iOS and the stitched leather in the Contacts […]

iPhone 5S August, iPad 5 / Mini 2 April

While Samsung’s Galaxy S IV has been making the rumor roundup headlines ahead of its debut next week, it wouldn’t be a week in tech news without at least a couple of stories on Apple’s next big thing. One of the most interesting stories has to do with the timing of the release of Apple’s next generation […]