CineXPlayer -The Best App To Enjoy Your Movies On iPhone,iPad

On travel? bored? waiting for someone? then lets watch some videos or movies on the phone. When it comes to iPhone 4 its a kind of watching movie or video with awesome high quality with the retina display. CineXplayer is one good player for iPhone and iPad to play AVI formats. Just use the file […]

Have You Ever Seen This Transparent iPhone 4?

I know the title makes your crazy.Its easy to make your iPhone 4 panel to transparent panel in simple steps. Just remove the panel and use paint thinner to remove the paint from it. All you get is a super sexy transparent panel after removing the paint which reveals the inner beauty of the Phone. Are you […]

Cases For Verizon-iPhone Will Be Available Before Launch

All knows that the iPhone for verizon has some physical changes. The mute button has slightly moved up. In this case, current iPhone cases not going to be proper. iLuv a provider of accessories for the Apple smartphone is going to launch cases and the protective films for CDMA iPhone4. This accessories will be available […]

Apple’s Mac App Store Now Live With 1,000 Apps

As Expected Apple has made its Mac users happy with its latest announcement.  Mac App Store is ready with over 1,000 apps—both free and paid for Macs. All you need is Snow Leopard and an iTunes account to access the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store is essentially the desktop version of the same […]

iTunes Connect Is Back And Accepting New Apps

A week before we informed that iTunes Connect is shutting down for a week for holiday seasons. Now the iTunes connect is back online and started accepting as well as rejecting the apps submitted. Now atleast we can expect some new apps in iTunes Store. Lets hope that there will be some price change for this new year […]