Available Options When Ordering Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is a popular material used for various types of signage. Vinyl is a durable, weather resistant material, allowing for a wide variety of color, size, and design options. Your sign can be as simple as bold lettering or feature stunning pictures, art, or any other visual related designs. Their affordability and simple installation make vinyl banners a popular option for any signage needs. If you are looking into making a sign, you will have a number of options available when working with a quality sign manufacturer:

Choosing the Perfect Size

Due to its flexible and efficient nature, vinyl signs are available in sizes to fit nearly ever need. You’ve likely seen the huge vinyl signs commonly hung on buildings. These are typically four feet tall and twenty feet long and offer clear views from longer distances. They are an excellent choice for advertising major sales, events, and celebratory expressions. On the flip side, banners are often small as two feet by three feet; these banners are usually used indoors for parties or sales advertisements. Medium sized vinyl signs such as three feet by eight feet are commonly used for topping a booth at trade shows and other events. Most sign manufacturers can accommodate a wide range of size needs. Depending on the design, you can also trim and cut the banners as well.


Choosing the Right Color

Banners can be made to fit any desired color scheme. A two color scheme works well if you are interested in presenting a simple logo or wording. Two color signs typically use contrasting colors for the background and text; a white background with bold black lettering is one of the more common color combinations. On the flip side, banners can be made to fit more detailed and dynamic design—some banners are real works of art. Price is an important consideration when choosing a color scheme, as costs will increase according to how many colors are used and the intricacy of the design.

Choosing the Right Type of Banners

It is vital to use a banner that best suits your needs, as there are specific types of vinyl banners for both outdoor and indoor use. Heavy duty vinyl is used to make banners that will remain durable for continued outdoor use. These banners are designed to hold up against high winds, rain, and other inclement weather; their strength is largely based on the thickness of the vinyl and its reinforced edges. Indoor banners are thinner and are without reinforced edges. The lighter material is much smoother and makes for more clarity and shine, particularly at close distances. Lighter banners are still durable and long lasting when taken care of and not used outdoors. Sunlight will fade lighter vinyl; prolonged exposure to wind and rain will cause considerable wear and tear. While there are some banners that are made for both indoor and outdoor use, using a specific type of vinyl according to the banner’s intended use is a wise decision.

There are many options online when wanting to create vinyl banners. Vinyl signage and banners are an affordable and durable option for a wide variety of uses. Vinyl also offers a great amount of flexibility in size and design, making them a perfect choice for your signage needs.

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