Avantree Universal Battery Pack, Its Slim And Sleek [Review]

I feel dead, if my phone dies.  Yes, Today’s world most communication is not possible without smartphone. I use to carry an universal battery charger with me. If my phone indicates low battery, I will just connect it to my portable charger. I don’t want to search for a wall charger. Universal mobile charger’s size depends on the battery capacity and other options.

Avantree Universal Battery Pack  - Review

Avantree Universal Battery Pack – Review

Recently I purchased Avantree Universal Battery Pack. The packaging itself good, when I open the box I can see the Avantree Universal battery charger. It is cylindrical, slim and sleek. Apart from the Charger there is a soft carrying pouch, retractable USB cable, multiple tips.

Avantree Universal Battery Pack  (2)

There are 4 commonly used tips, Nokia 2 mm tip, Mini USB, Micro USB and Apple 30 pin connector. Unfortunately Apple’s new lightning tip is not included. Since the charger has USB out, we can connect any original cables like lightning cable. Note : I never recommend using a tip and cable for iPhone. I mostly use the original Apple cable .

The Battery pack is cylindrical and measured about 3.5 inch tall and 3/4 inch in diameter. Once side of the charger has the necessary ports. The charger has one USB out, One Micro USB in to charge the charger itself, On / off switch, LED indicator.

Avantree Universal Battery Pack  (3)

Avantree Universal Battery Pack  (4)

When the charger is charging the LED indicator turns red and when we charge the smartphone the LED indicator glows in green light. The only down side of  the charger is, there is not option to check the remaining capacity of the battery charger. The USB port supports 1000 mA output, so you can charge any smartphones or PSP but not tablets. Since this charger has 2200 mAh capacity it is more than enough to fully charge most smartphones. It takes around 90 mins to charge the batter pack itself. If you have HTC one it acts as HTC One Charger.

Avantree Universal Battery Pack  (5)


  • Slim, easy to carry in pockets
  • USB out, we can connect any USB cable
  • retractable cable with multiple tips
  • 1A USB output.


  • No battery level indicator

Avantree Universal Battery Pack  - Review


For $40 Avantree Universal battery charger wins for is slim and sleek profile. If you are looking for low budget, in expensive portable mobile charger, I think you must check Avantree universal battery pack from mobilefun.

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