Belkin Shield Sheer Case for iPhone 5S – Clear [Review]

iPhone 5s cases are a dime a dozen. There so many cases out there and you are spoilt for choice. Now that I’ve told you about the cases, i have to come to the negatives.

There are too many cases out there and as a regular consumer, you have no clue what to buy and what those cases can do. Do you want it to just help your phone out with a little protection or do you want to throw it into a volcano and see it survive? ( And no, there are no cases that can withstand a volcano).

Let me get to the point, we’re looking at a simple day to day case which can withstand some minor bumps and bruises.

Belkin know how to make stuff, they make a lot of stuff and cases are one of their best products. This iPhone 5S case is one of the simplest and the best with basic protection.

Putting on the Belkin shield sheer case is simple, snap on fit on the back of the phone, translucent makes sure that your proud apple logo is visible to anyone whom you might want to flaunt the logo to. It covers the edges and is sure to avoid cracked screens when you bump the edge onto something you never thought about.


The cut out of the camera and flashed is smoothened with a black rubber kinda material, any other color would change the color of the flash to something crazy and eccentric. Believe me, i had a blue flash on a rubberized case and unfortunately it did take me a while to understand why my flash became blue.

It doesn’t slip, seriously it doesn’t. Solid cases that don’t slip every now and then are a rarity. Unless you cover your arms in grease and try something, which i hope that you wouldn’t.

Are we done here? I guess not, not without a negative or two. Although the case snaps perfectly, at times one of the edges pops out and it feels awkward in my hands. Especially when you are somewhat of a control freak, maybe even a bit OCD, that’s a bit hard to digest.

Overall, Belkin shield sheer case is total value for money and is quick and simple protection for your Phone 5S. Belkin shield sheer case is one priced at £19.99 at

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