Best iPhone Automotive Applications to check out

I’m aware of just the GPS application which is kind of slightly related to our Cars. But I was searching for some of the applications online and came across huge number of useful applications for managing and organizing the things that are related to our Cars.

With more than 7 million applications existing in the iStore, Apple surely holds great place in the market to satisfy the customer needs. These apps serves various requirements like GPS, PDA, organizing, Entertainment, Calling, Social Media, sharing and what not, the usage of these applications is endless.

Best iPhone Automotive Applications

As, we are talking about the automotive applications, I’d also like to mention that there are few specific applications that are available that even helps us to access our cars from iPhone.

#1. Repair Pal

Repairing a Car is US is pretty expensive thing. If your car is getting any kind of trouble and if you want to estimate the repair cost and finds a mechanic near-by, then this is the application that is definitely going to help you.

You just need to select the year and model number of vehicle, input the zip code or allow your iPhone to locate your area. Now, you have to select the services that you’d like to get done and search for the estimated price that is going to cost you. It can be from battery replacement or generators stuff or ABS wheel speed sensor replacement or anything. It is one of the most reliable applications that you can trust.

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#2. DriveScribe

It is one of the must have application for people who are new to driving and willing to learn the road rules to drive safely. This application is capable of monitoring the behavior of driving, even blocks text messages and Social media updates while driving, and lets you know where to slow down and many more. It even sends messages to the family when unsafe driving is detected. It is a free application and one of the must have application for safety measures.

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#3. iWrecked – Auto Accident Assistant

Accident is never a good thing. It gives such a pain both mentally and physically and you never know what is going to happen in the next second while you are driving, so it is better to be ready instead of taking chances. iWrecked application is one of the best application that takes care of us, during the stressful situations, like it gathers our information and organize stuff and documents pertinent information such as area where accident occurred, and many more. It is even able to analyze the damage and carry the information about the insurance and etc., stuff and can take the pictures of the damaged vehicle.

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Thus these are the 3 must have iPhone applications for your cars in order to stay safe and drive safe.

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