Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition Review

Nothing would be highly frustrating than your computer going down due to a virus attack and worst is when it takes the entire information along with it. No words could describe this horrific situation but can only be suffered silently by the broken hearts.

There are many types of external dangers like malware, spyware, worms that are waiting to siphon-off the valuable data from your system lest there be small negligence from you. Are there any tools or software to protect you and your beloved music tracks and photos?

Anti-virus software editions are aplenty in the market but are all of them are really worth buying? How to select the best anti-virus software?

Bitdefender Antivirus for PC is the best answer for the above questions as it is not only popular but also the time-tested one. It is powerful, efficient and certified by ICSA Labs. The robust and flawless scanning & removal feature strengthens the system’s security against any kind of virus threat be it worms, Trojans, malware etc. The best part of Bitdefender Anti-virus is its fully featured and power-packed Free Edition.

Bitdefender’s Free Edition is different from other free editions which are mostly trial versions with limited features working during the trial periods. Bitdefender Antivirus Free works with all the features of the premium package during its one year trial. All you need to do to download the Free Edition is to visit this page and enter the valid email id, first & last name.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition 2013

Features of Bitdefender Anti-virus Free Edition

Bitdefender is loaded with many innovative features like Autopilot, Safepay, Social Networking Protection, Anti-phishing, Search Advisor, USB Immunizer to name a few.

Quietness is synonymous to Bitdefender’s functionality as it silently works its way through the corridors of your entertainment. It keeps working behind the screens as you browse for online videos, images, text information etc.

It is your trusted bodyguard when you go on net to open the online bank accounts or doing online payments. Bitdefender opens all such sensitive links in heavily fortified browser windows.

Bitdefender is intelligent enough to understand your social networking account settings and filters or blocks the unwanted links/information as per privacy preferences set by you.

It knows a lot about scammers and unscrupulous elements of the virtual world. Bitdefender has got the strongest anti-phishing feature that can quickly identify and block the scandalous phishing attempts.

Online search and click-throughs are always not so safe and at times you may get redirected to a harmful site that can infest your system with spyware/malware. Bitdefender has got a smart Search Advisor that suggests you about the trust levels of links that appear on Google or Bing search results.

Threats can come from any corner like bolt from the blue. Internet is not the only source of virus attacks but also offline media like USB drive could cause nightmares. An infected USB can spoil your system in no time. Bitdefender’s USB Immunizer is the latest and novel feature that sterilizes the USB drives as soon as they are connected to the PC.


Asking anything more is out of question when you download and install Bitdefender’s Anti-virus Free Edition as it has everything that fulfills ‘perfect anti-virus protection’.

Try Bitdefender today and you will love to continue with it forever.

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