Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB Power Adapter Review

Power adapter is important to charge any device. We have lots of portable devices which need to be charged. If we are going to travel we must carry these chargers. In my case, I own 4 portable gadgets which has 4 charging adapters, if I want to travel I have to carry these chargers to charge my devices. Another problem is wall outlets. I can carry 4 chargers but, will I find 4 wall outlets to charge my devices. Second scenario, I want to travel to some other country I can not use the existing charger that comes with my device since they follow different plug system.

Only one thing I have in common with these devices, all my devices can be charged using USB ports. This is my situation and this is the same problem for guys like me. To replace all my chargers I finally found the solution with Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB power adapter.

Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB power adapter – review

The Adapter comes with a carry case, 4 plugs, USB ports connector and 2 Wire tidy. Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB Power Adapter will replace your existing multiple chargers with one charger that can charge all devices that supports USB charging.

Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB power adapter plug can be replaced easily and it comes with 4 plugs (US plug, BS plug, Australia plug and EU plug) for different countries which is easily swappable. The Charger adapter brick has overload protection, tablet detection and has maximum output of 4.2 Amps 21 watts. The bottom of the charger has USB port connector.

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The charging adapter comes with 4 charging ports and it has 1.5 meter cable for flexibility. Once we connect the charging port to the adapter and the charger to the wall outlet we can charge our devices using the USB ports (We have to use our own cables).

With this adapter I can charge my iPhone, iPad, Camera and Bluetooth headset or any other USB charge supported device.  I already mentioned that this charging adapter has tablet detection, once the tablet is detected the flow of current is increased to charge the tablet. The adapter has LED light to show the charging status. We have to use USB 1 and 2 to charge iPad and Samsung tablets. If the flow of the current is higher than 4.2 Amps the charger will turn off to protect the connected devices.

Once we charge our devices we can simply pack the adapter in the provided case and store it in a safe place.

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Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB Power Adapter – Ups

  • Strong power capacity for optimum convenience
  • Automatic Smartphone and Tablet detection
  • 1.5 meter cable for ultimate flexibility
  • 2 Cable Tidies provided
  • Overload Auto-Off feature to protect your devices
  • Included carry case for easy and comfort

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Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB Power Adapter – DOWNs

I will definitely share if I find one.

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This charger is definitely worth for your money spent. Just go order one. Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB Power Adapter is available for $50 from

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