Cell Phone Parental Control Apps: Making Your Kid a Responsible Digital Citizen

Teaching the importance of manners and to behave well in social settings is nothing new for the parents. But we parents hardly pay attention to the online manners for our children. They need to learn etiquettes no matter they are socializing in their real life or connecting with the world digitally.

If you are clueless as to how to make your children responsible online citizens, trust modern-day technology and give a shot to cell phone parental control apps and monitor them digitally.


Teach digital manners

Tweens and teens must be taught digital etiquettes because it is not only beneficial for them but for all of the people online. There are number of ways kids can misbehave online: social media pranks, picture mixing, over-sharing other’s information to freak them out and taking revenge from friends by making their personal information public. These all trends are not new to kids and you should be aware of them too.

This Infographic by Imgarcade shows 9 elements a kids must understand when using the Internet.

responsible kid

All of these 9 elements are important for kids to become a responsible digital citizen.

Monitor them digitally

You can stay connected to your kids through a smart app and keep a look on all of their online activities and entire Web behavior. It could be the most convenient way to help your kids understand what they are supposed to do and what could be harmful for them and for others. There is an app for this called FamilyTime. It puts parents in the driving seat and empowers them to monitor how their children behave online and can intervene where necessary.


FamilyTime and the digital etiquette

Parents using FamilyTime can:

  • View Web browsing history
  • Check the bookmarks and favorites
  • Track URLs
  • View how frequent they visit a particular site and for how long

Other features

  • Check their call logs
  • View contacts with details
  • Track their GPS location
  • Trace where they have been all day long

Make Web safe for your kids and others

We all have to counsel and train our kids to use Internet safely to prevent any harm to them and any danger to others. In this regard, FamilyTime app is quite easy to keep a complete check on kids’ Web activities and for stopping them from adopting wrong Web behavior. It’s over of the most user-friendly cell phone parental control apps and can make Internet monitoring far easier and effective than others.

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