Chinese RAZR Models Appear With Monstrous Specs

Most of the time, multiple cell networks can be annoying — you have to ensure that the phone you’re buying actually supports the network you’re on; you can’t just buy the best phone without checking. It’s even more of a problem in China, where there are three competing mobile standards, each supported by a different mobile provider.

In this case though, the annoyance of multiple networks has resulted in three Motorola RAZRs for the Chinese market. One looks to be the same as the RAZR released in the EU and the US, but the others are markedly different. Let’s take a closer look!



This phone, on the left side of the picture, is an unusual looking RAZR with a chunkier look and clean back, lacking the kevlar façade of the other two RAZR handsets. It has the same display and processor, but upgrades to a rather outrageous 13 megapixel rear shooter and also comes with Dolby Digital Plus certification.

Its blocky appearance has some speculating that it’ll make an appearance in the US as the Droid X3 . That theory could be more likely than you think, particularly given an Engadget reader from Motorola’s US HQ spotted a similar looking device in a nearby Starbucks.


The MT917 is an even stronger handset, and lies in the middle of this picture. As well as supporting that monstrous 13 megapixel camera, the MT917 also reportedly includes a 4.5″ 720p HD screen. There’s no word on the internals of the device, but they are expected to be the same as the original RAZR.

To accommodate the larger screen, the MT917 has become a slightly less svelte 8.1 mm thick and 138 g. The MT917 also includes the same kevlar backplate as the RAZR released in the US and EU.

Unfortunately, although these handsets will be released in China by the end of the year, thanks to their disparate mobile networks they won’t be much good to anyone in the US or EU, so it looks like we’ll have to wait to see if they’ll see an official fully international release.

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