Convert Mozilla Thunderbird to PST [Product Review]

I have spent almost more than 2 years working with Thunderbird and I found it a fully featured and secured email application. I used it as my official mail account, but recently due to some of my requirements and its shortcomings, I have decided to switch Thunderbird to Outlook. As, I have been using Thunderbird since last two years. So the size of my MBOX file was quite large with lots of important mails that I cannot afford to lose. Therefore, I have decided to convert my MBOX file to PST so that I can carry that data in my Outlook account as well.

As I know that there was some manual ways available, but due to some data loss risks I have not tried them, and decided to choose professional software to convert my MBOX file to PST format. Although, I have chosen 3 products according to customer reviews, available on Internet. As per my experience, it is about this one which I found the best. The name of the product is ‘Stellar MBOX to PST Converter tool’. It has very easy and interactive environment that you will easily understand its all features without losing a single bit of data.


Working of Stellar MBOX to PST Converter

If you are using Thunderbird email client and planning to switch to MS Outlook, Stellar MBOX To PST Converter would surely be a good choice. As it has converted my complete Thunderbird mail (MBOX file) to Outlook (PST) and found it secured and accurate software. Firstly, you have to download Stellar MBOX to PST Converter to start the process.

  • Run the software after successful installation, and choose Thunderbird among all the email client options.
  • Find the MBOX file from the system and convert it with the software option. Or you can directly select the Thunderbird file from a known location.
  • After successful conversion you can preview the complete mail items with content to check the accuracy of the product and select ‘Convert’ option to save the file.
  • Now the software allows you to save the converted file into multiple file formats.
  • If you choose PST format then you can append the converted file data into an existing Outlook profile or create a new PST file to save the mails in your desired location.
  • On the other hand, if you have chosen Office 365 format to save the converted file then Select Office 365 radio button and click OK. A new dialog box will open and ask for your E-Mail ID and Password, type the right entries and click OK.
  • In case you wish to save the converted mails to other available options (MSG, EML, RTF, PDF and HTML).
  • Select the desired Convert option, choose radio button and click OK. Now, a new dialog box opens, select ‘Browse’ option and choose a desired folder to save the converted mails and click OK.

Most useful and pleasing attributes of Stellar MBOX To PST Converter:

  • Provide multiple options (Office 365, EML, MSG, RTF, PDF and HTML formats) to save the converted file
  • Convert selected email to importable Outlook PST file
  • Support preview of converted mail items before saving
  • You are allowed to append the converted file into an existing PST or create a new PST file
  • Provide the option to Find Files for Conversion


  • Supports Office 365 conversion
  • Easy to use interface with user friendly options
  • Provides accurate and fast results


  • Didn’t find any


In my opinion the tool is worth to buy. Currently, Thunderbird to Outlook conversion is one of the most top-notch requirements and if you are look for reliable solution to convert your Thunderbird mails to MS Outlook, and then this tool could be best option for you. You can easily save your complete Thunderbird email into multiple file formats with ease. This will convert your complete MBOX file into PST format without wasting your countless hours in lengthy steps of manual process. This software supports all the latest version of Outlook and available with very easy interface.


User can download the utility from here:

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