Convert Your AAA Battery To AA Battery With Tethercell, Control Your Device With Bluetooth

Tetherboard today unveiled Tethercell prototype at CES 2013. Tethercell is basically a plastic sleeve that converts AAA battery into AA battery. It also has built in bluetooth 4.0 radio which can be controlled by millions of devices. Teatherboard has separate app to control Tethercell. With bluetooth support we can control the flow of current from our smartphone and also it sends alerts if the power is low. It also allows us to set time.

Tethercell - convert AAA battery To AA Battery

With this technology we can control any devices that need AA battery. We can simply turn it off or turn on without touching the device. Still there are some negative side with this technology, bluetooth needs power which is obviously supplied by the battery. Sill the lifetime of the battery depends on the device in which we are going to use.

If this product makes the consumer market with reasonable price, I think many will get this product.

Via : TheVerge

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