Five Innovations Shaping Photography and Web Design

Do you remember when we used to purchase expensive equipment in order to take quality photographs? This usually involved an expensive camera, rolls of quality film, a tripod, and many trips to the local pharmacy in order to get the film developed. Everything was a time and money consuming experience, which turned a lot of people off of photography.

Today, there are digital cameras available for very little money that outperform any type of film camera that relies on a flash for lighting effects. Most brands are using digital photography as the basis of their website because it is so much easier than creating a site from nuts and bolts. In order to create the best website for clients, it is more important than ever to know about the latest developments in the world of photography. Here are five things that are changing the world of photography and web design:

photography and webdesign

Cloud Hosting Services

Sharing files for web design has never been easier. With shared hosting services and cloud computer networks, there is no limitation on what or when we can create something spectacular. A person in England can snap an image with their mobile phone, and a partner in New York who is on the same cloud network can easily start crafting a website out of it.


When designing a website, there is no need to work in HTML or CSS unless you are a programmer. In order to create a stunning design, all you need is a photograph and a good knowledge of Photoshop. By using the slice tool and carving up your prototype into easily digestible sections, you can maintain complete control over your website designs.


The camera used to be a novelty feature on most phones. The quality was often grainy and never reliable for professional pictures. Now with apps like Camera+, you can snap quality photos and render your old professional devices almost useless. As demonstrated by the face of the app, Lisa Bettany, the iPhone’s camera has improved drastically over its many incarnations and beats most high-end digital cameras.


If you are too impatient to learn how to use image editing software like Photoshop, you can always download apps for your phone. One of the most interesting apps available right now is called ToonCamera. You can instantly take photos with your device and add unique filters and posterization effects to them. You can take a picture of just about anything you find of interest and turn it into something you would see on Adult Swim.

Throwable Panoramic View Camera

As reported by the technology and social media blog Mashable, this device allows you to take unique panoramic photos and videos without relying on expensive and impractical equipment. What is completely innovative about this product is the user’s ability to toss it up in the air and catch it. There are close to forty different mini-cameras in the device which work in unison as the ball reaches its highest in order to get the best panoramic picture. This is a great tool to use if you are creating a virtual tour website.

The integration of photography and web design is a brilliant example of how our connectivity and availability of instant information is shaping the way we treat design. With photos instantly available on Facebook and Twitter, everyone will soon become an amateur photographer. With any luck, the technology will adapt so quickly that everyone will be able to excel at the art form.

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