Get iPhone and iPad Premium Apps For FREE!! No Jailbreak Required

Many Jailbreak their iOS device for testing the mods in cydia, but many jailbreak to download the paid apps for free. Pirating the Apps must be stopped. Respect the developers. You wont be cheated by the developers if you pay for their apps, other thing you will get good support and also regular update.

 iPhone is premium and so the apps are. Some are costly, some are free. Try this legit offer and get your premium apps for free!!  

Why you want to jailbreak and download pirate apps when you get free premium apps for iPhone and iPad? 

Free premium apps for iPhone and iPad [How To Guide]

1. Go to this URL  in your iOS device safari browser.[sociallocker]

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2. Once the page is open. Tap on free apps to install the profile, this helps to track your activities.

3. Start download the sponsor apps. once you downloaded the apps. run it for 30+ seconds on your device. Close or delete the app (your wish).

4. Go back to safari browser and hit refresh to see the points you got. each apps will give you some credits.


5. Once you accumulated enough credits go to “View Gift Apps” and download you Free Premium iPhone and iPad apps for Free. When you tap on the app you will get promocode., which can be redeemed through US iTunes account. To get US iTunes Account follow this procedure. [/sociallocker]

Note the credits varies according to the apps.

With this free credits you can redeem iTunes Gift cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Hulu Plus premium subscriptions. If you redeem iTunes gift cards you can redeem lots of premium apps and games, even redeem Mac applications. Apart from games and apps you can redeem movies, TV shows and musics on iTunes.

Do you like this method of getting free premium apps for iPhone and iPad. 

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  1. Toadityakumar says

    Does this work in India? Is there a work around

  2. memoriadepez says

    i have tried several times but i don’t get any credit… HELP!

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