Future Broadband: The Possibilities Are Endless

When you currently compare broadband packages that are available today, there are generally a few key factors that will help you to decide on what sort of high- speed internet access to go for. Most of us are looking for a reliable service that’s quick and efficient.

We’re also looking for the best price possible and a healthy download allowance, which will ensure that we can view as many movies or play as many online games as we need to, without hassle.

Broadband Speed

The way forward

However, when examining the future of the internet by the year 2020, it’s highly likely that we’ll be using our high-speed connectivity in a different way entirely. For starters, it’s probable that the speed of service will have been transformed thanks to the gradual rollout of faster fibre optic cables that are much more efficient than many of the current copper-wire networks that date from years back.

While many of us can already tap into fibre services offering speeds of 50 or 100MB, by the year 2020 it’s hoped that we’ll all be able to enjoy broadband internet that multiplies those speeds several times over. Added to that is the increasingly improving mobile networks throughout the world, which also mean that zippy cable free services are likely to be much more prevalent too.

High-tech solution

In addition, we should also see improved security from our broadband internet services, along with the integration of technology such as Near Field Communication, or NFC. This allows people to pay for products and services with a mere sweep of their smartphone, and it’s therefore probable that this kind of contactless payment method and increased online ecommerce activity will change typical shopping habits. The high street as we know it now, could all but disappear.

Up in the cloud

Adding to the power and efficiency of the internet in 2020 will be the increased use of cloud computing. Where most of us currently have physical hard drives and storage units at home, or in the workplace, the future is very likely to see all of that removed and being replaced by cloud technology instead. That means you’ll be keeping all of your computer data safely stored away in remote server locations, so that you can dip into it, no matter where you happen to be in the world.

Of course, many people are currently wary about much that the cloud has to offer, because of the threat of security breaches or data loss. However, with improving broadband infrastructure, better security process and a continual evolution of the way we spend our lives online, the internet is likely to be a much safer place to work and play come the year 2020.

There will always be a risk, but thanks to the increasingly sophisticated ways in which we use high-speed internet services, we should all be a lot better covered than we are right now. What’s more, we should also see better broadband deals that come with much cheaper price tags attached to them too.

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  1. I think the broadband field is developing more and more nowadays and at a rapid pace, a lot of people are now enjoying speed of even 50-100 Mbps. We can only imagine what the future holds for us. And I think by 2020 it will be the age of high speed mobile broadband.

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