Ocean HD Action Video Camera [Review]

Recently I bought inexpensive Ocean HD Action Video Camera. First, this action camera has 5 megapixel sensor and can record video at 720p. Action camera is best for shooting sports and action videos. This camera comes with waterproof housing to take videos under water. Ocean HD Action Video Camera – Package Once I opened the […]

Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

I prefer Apple Earpods or A-Jays four to listen to my favourite music. With headphone we can enjoy ourselves but if we want to share the music with group it is not possible with headphones and the inbuilt speaker of the phone is not that loud. In the past I covered about few Bluetooth speakers. […]

STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank [Review]

Years ago we used our mobile phones for making calls, text, few emails and few minutes of web browsing. But today we use smartphone with lots of features like communication, navigation, productivity and entertainment. If we take communication, we are using internet based services a lot than the regular voice and text benefits. We use […]

Novero Rockdale Bluetooth Stereo Headphone [Review]

I love music, I always go for good headphones to enjoy my listening experience. I use skype and other VoIP for calls,  for that I use one external mic and separate headphone. I planned to change my existing setup and bought Novero Rockdale Bluetooth stereo headphones. This headphone is wireless and provides Stereo quality sound. […]

Joyfactory ZipMini Touch-n-Go Multi Charging Station [Review]

Charger that comes with your phone is good, but you can only charger your phone or tablet.. What if you want to charge more than one device at same time ? Joyfactory multi charging station can charge up to 4 devices. The Concept of this charger is different. Out of the box we get Micro […]