Give Me 5 Minutes and You’ll Be a Smartphone Guru

Technology nowadays has truly evolved. What we have nowadays is probably just imagination ten years ago, the kind you normally see in movies. Smartphones are one of the most evident in technological advancements. However, if of technology you are still in the stone age era and is trying to figure out what you should look for in a smart phone, here are a couple of tips to turn you from smartphone newbie to smartphone savvy.


Every smartphone has its own hard drive capacity. For Apple iPhones, the usual capacity is anywhere within 8 to 32 GB and for Android phones, anywhere from 8 to 64 GB. The capacity of your smartphone determines how much files you can store in it. If you anticipate that you will be using your phone for videos, a higher capacity is very much recommended as it videos take up a lot of space. A normal music file in the .mp3 format would take up somewhere around 50kb to 100kb so one gigabyte is equivalent to approximately 100 to 250 songs. Some smartphones such as HTC and Samsung mobiles have slots for expansion cards so you could easily insert a memory card to expand your phone’s capacity.


Internet Connectivity

There are two ways of connecting to the internet using a smartphone – through WiFi or through network internet. WiFi is a wireless connectivity to a host modem and is widely available in establishments and at home. Network internet, on the other hand, depends entirely on your network provider. The latest in network internet is called the 4G internet, the fastest connection you could possibly get. However, 4G is limited to phones such as the upcoming iPhone 5 and most other mobile phones are still dependent on the slower 3G connection.


Probably what makes or breaks a smartphone is the variety of applications available for the model. Applications, or better known as apps, are third party software that enhances your smartphone usage and can either be free or not. Apps come in a variety of categories, from maps and GPS, to photo enhancers, to budget organizers. Apple iPhones get their apps from the Apple Store, Android users from Android Market, and Blackberry users from App World.


It is not sufficient that you have a number of apps installed on your mobile phone because you will also need a high capacity RAM to go with it. RAM determines the speed by which commands are processed. In layman’s term, a lower RAM means a slower processing time for every app that you open. RAM should be from 512MB and up to ensure that your mobile phone will not slow down in the middle of an important application.

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