Google’s Green Side [Infographic]

Google is the big daddy of  internet and now best for its Android smartphone OS. Google servers contributes a lot of  green house gas. Do you know this ? one google search release the equivalent of .2 grams of CO2, so way back Google started a goal for carbon neutral by doing various good stuffs. Here is an interesting infographic on google’s green side.


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  1. Totally awesome Infographic, Great information depicted. Well Maybe Google should also get into the vehicle segment with their Biogas Google’s Shuttles, I think it will certainly be a big hit and also help save the environment.

  2. Great infographic! No wonder why google is the best!

  3. It’s great that such a big company is doing its part to help the environment. Especially the biodiesel shuttles. I’m really impressed.

  4. Who made this infographic, its beautiful.

  5. nice work bro.. which tool have you used to create this infographic


  1. […] the life of our planet and our future generation. Even Google went green you can check the post Google’s Green Side [InfoGraphic] for more info. The toxic waste must be avoided. The recycling of the phone helps to avoid the raw […]

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