How Safe Is Your PIN ? [Infographic]

PIN – Personal Identification Number is the key to spend your money using your debit or credit card or to withdraw cash from ATM machines. PIN is the major financial security for everyone. One question arise to everyone, “How Safe Is Your PIN ?”. There are certain key points to be kept in mind to keep the PIN confidential. If your PIN is exposed without your notice, you will be doomed.

Point To Note To Keep Your PIN Safe And Confidential

  • Once you got the PIN from Bank or any financial Institution its better to change the default PIN and destory the Mailer
  • Never use the PIN that can be easily guessed for ex Birthdays or 1234 or 0000 or something similar to this.
  • Change the PIN periodically, but, never go for previously used PIN
  • Make sure the numbers are not repeated ex 1225 or 1252
  • Never share the PIN
  • When using in ATM Machines, hide the keypad
  • Never note the PIN number and carry with you
  • Never use same PIN for more than one cards

Here is an awesome Infographic on Everything You Need To Know About PIN. 


How Safe Is Your Pin Number

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