How To Easily Backup/Export Your Social Profiles Data With SocialSafe

The social networking sites really changed the way of communication. Many use for fun, many for work, many for reading news. It depends on user views. In the end we have one thing in common, how to backup or export our data from social networks. Here comes SocialSafe to rescue us. with SocialSafe we can export our data from major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram.

What is SocialSafe ?

SocialSafe is  is a digital journal for Windows and Mac. With SocialSafe we can export and backup from our social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Lets see how to backup/export data using SocialSafe

Download and Install SocialSafe. You can download SocialScafe from (official page). Free, stranded  and pro versions are available. I suggest you to go for paid pro version. It has lots of advantages over free version.

Install Social Safe and go to profiles to add your social accounts.

SocialSafe-Twitter-Facebook-Instagram-google-plus-backup-tool - Profile

Once your account is added, Click Sync (You will find sync button in bottom left). Once you click on that you profiles will get synced with SocialSafe (This will take some time) .

Once sync is over you can view your updates, mentions, tagged photos, uploaded photos..

You can see beautiful journal if you click calender icon. There will be green dot under the date if there is any activity. you can click on date to see the activity on the specific date. This really helps to look back.

You can search any old activity using SocialSafe. Click on search button and make a search with your desired keyword. If there is any match, proper results will be shown.

You can schedule the time and date to Sync and save the data. All you have to do is click settings -> Schedule

You can export your data with ease.  Goto profile, click export on the desired social account to export the data. (Here iI tried with my twitter account). If  case of Facebook and Instagram you can backup your photos as well as tagged photos.

As of now SocialSafe supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus and Linke in. In future more profiles like Flickr and WordPress will be added.

SocialSafe Price Comparison

SocialSafe Price Compared


According to me SocialSafe is best for every user who wants to backup their social profile’s data. Bloggers must definitely use this since the future version many support WordPress, IMO price also cheap, Why waiting go get SocialSafe For Windows and Mac

Rating 4.5/5

Do share your views !! 

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